Tesla Seat Covers Model Y

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Elevate your Tesla Model Y interior with our Turn Fur Suede Seat Back Anti-Kick Protectors. Easy to install and clean, these pads offer perfect car seat protection.


  • very good ratings and over the average sales per day
  • Compatibility: Tesla Model 3 and Y 2017-2023
  • Material: Turn Fur Suede
  • Package Contents: 3x Anti-kick Pads
  • Protection: Full Surrounded Seatback Pad
  • Easy Installation: Nylon Buckle for quick and hassle-free setup
  • Lightweight and Compact: Doesn’t add bulk to your car seats
  • Scratch-resistant: Won’t damage your car seats
  • Easy to Clean: Maintains a clean interior effortlessly
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Transform your Tesla Model Y’s interior with our premium Turn Fur Suede Seat Back Anti-Kick Protectors. Crafted for perfect compatibility with Model 3/Y 2017-2023 , these pads offer full surrounded seatback protection. Made from durable materials, they’re lightweight, compact, and won’t scratch your car seats. Installation is easy with the easy-to-use nylon buckle, ensuring a snug fit every time. Keep your car interior pristine effortlessly with these easy-to-clean seatback pads. Each package includes three anti-kick pads, providing comprehensive coverage for your Tesla. Experience comfort and protection in style with our Tesla Seat Covers Model Y.

Side Note: if the product have creases. Don’t worry, this is normal! The product is a soft suede surface, which will restore the prototype after a few days of storage. Due to our overseas presence, the product is very large and needs to be folded in order to be shipped properly. Don’t worry!


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