Tesla Model Y Brake Caliper Covers

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Enhance your Tesla Model Y with durable aluminum brake caliper covers. Available in multiple colors, these covers offer a stylish, custom look for your car.


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Compatibility: Tesla Model Y models from 2021-2024 with 19/20-inch wheel hubs
  • Color Options: yellow, red, blue and green
  • Stickers: Includes TESLA stickers for customization!
  • Installation:
    • Secure 304 stainless buckles and screws for stable installation
    • Comes with a detailed installation video guide available on YouTube
  • Performance:
    • High-temperature resistance and stability
    • Compatible with original brake performance
    • Ensures no impact on driving experience
  • Benefits:
    • Durable and long-lasting due to high-quality aluminum material
    • Enhances car’s aesthetic with sporty and trendy look
    • Personalization options with various colors and stickers
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Upgrade your Tesla Model Y with these premium-quality brake caliper covers by kairstars. Specially designed for Tesla Model Y vehicles from 2021-2024 with 19/20-inch wheel hubs, these caliper covers offer a perfect fit after installation and testing.

Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, these covers provide exceptional durability and longevity compared to plastic alternatives. The high temperature resistance and stability of the material ensure the covers withstand the heat generated by your car’s brakes, maintaining their integrity over time.

These covers are equipped with 304 stainless buckles and secure screws, ensuring a stable installation that won’t loosen or detach during driving. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your covers will stay in place without affecting your original car brake performance.

Choose from a variety of colors such as yellow, red, blue, and green to give your car a sporty, trendy look. TESLA stickers are included for you to personalize your vehicle further, making your Tesla stand out on the road.

For ease of installation, a detailed video guide is available on YouTube, showing step-by-step instructions to help you install the caliper covers. If you encounter any issues, kairstars offers customer support to assist you.

Elevate your Tesla Model Y’s style and protection with these brake caliper covers. Give your car a sleek, custom look while enhancing its overall performance. Invest in this must-have accessory for your Tesla Model Y today!


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