Tesla Ambient Light

Enhance any space in your Tesla with our versatile Symphony & RGB strip lights. Control effortlessly via Bluetooth, remote, or physical buttons for personalized ambiance. Enjoy dynamic lighting effects synced with music beats. With flexible installation and customizable scene modes, elevate your atmosphere with ease.



  • Length: Customizable lengths to fit various spaces.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth-enabled for wireless control via smartphone app.
  • Control Options: Remote control and physical button switch for easy operation.
  • Color Modes: Multiple colors with adjustable brightness levels.
  • Scene Modes: Pre-programmed scene modes for different atmospheres.
  • DIY Customization: Ability to create personalized lighting scenes.
  • Music Sync: Synchronizes lighting effects with music beats for immersive experiences.
  • Timing Function: Programmable timer for automatic on/off cycles.
  • Flexibility: Bendable and cuttable design for versatile installation.
  • Power Options: Includes USB and Type-C adapters for flexible power supply.
  • fits in every car with a 12V option

Introducing our Symphony & RGB strip lights, the epitome of versatile illumination that transforms any environment into a captivating space. Crafted with simplicity and luxury in mind, these lights offer a seamless integration into your home, office, or recreational area.

With the ability to bend and cut, our strip lights provide unparalleled flexibility in installation. Whether accentuating architectural features, highlighting decor elements, or creating immersive ambiance, the possibilities are endless.

Experience ultimate control at your fingertips with multiple options including APP Bluetooth, remote control, or physical button switch. Effortlessly toggle between various color modes, adjusting brightness and hues to suit your mood or occasion.

Dive into a world of vibrant scenes with built-in options catering to diverse preferences. From lively lifestyle settings to tranquil scenic backdrops, festive holiday atmospheres, and personalized mood lighting, our strip lights offer a spectrum of possibilities. Unleash your creativity with DIY customization, allowing you to curate bespoke lighting scenes tailored to your unique style.

Immerse yourself in the rhythm of your favorite tunes as our strip lights come alive with dynamic sound effects. Whether hosting a party or unwinding after a long day, synchronize your lighting display to match the beat, creating an immersive audio-visual experience.

Stay in control with the intuitive timing function, empowering you to schedule lighting presets according to your routine. Set the ambiance to wake you gently in the morning or to welcome you home after a busy day, all with the convenience of automated lighting.

Connecting your strip lights is a breeze with the provided USB/Type-C adapter, ensuring seamless integration with your existing setup. Whether enhancing your living space, creating a productive work environment, or setting the stage for memorable gatherings, our Symphony & RGB strip lights redefine versatility and sophistication in lighting design.

Elevate every moment with customizable illumination that adapts to your lifestyle and preferences, transforming any space into a captivating oasis of light and color.


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